Happy Thanksgiving

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Exporting to Canada

Understanding the Pre-arrival Review System

If you ever have to export your product(s) to Canada, read the article below, or you can just have us do it for you!

The Pre-arrival Review System (PARS) allows customs brokers to submit release information (provided by the importer and carrier) to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for review and processing before the goods arrive in Canada. This speeds up the release or referral for examination process for the carrier when they arrive at the border with the freight.

In order for the system to be successful, all trade chain partners need to do their part. The carrier”s role is vital to the PARS process.

At the time the freight is picked up from the shipper, the carrier will affix a PARS sticker/label to the commercial documents and forward them to the customs brokers so they may set up the shipment with the CBSA in advance. When faxing the broker you must advise them what port you wish to cross ,   your estimated date & time of arrival, as well as your contact information in case the customs broker need to reach you.

The PARS sticker/label is made up of your carrier code and combined with a unique shipment number. This “PARS” or cargo control number is critical because it identifies both the carrier and the shipment to the CBSA at the time of reporting and when release documents are presented.

Providing the customs broker and CBSA sufficient processing time will prevent you or your drivers from being delayed at the border. Always verify that the shipment has been set up and that you are good to proceed to the border. You can verify the status of your shipment by calling the customs broker direct or by using their online PARS look-up tool.

Under the PARS process, the customs broker will submit the release information to the CBSA either electronically or in paper format — depending on the release requirements for the goods being shipped. Goods that require permits, licenses or certificates will require additional processing time using PARS.

When you or your driver arrives at the Customs booth, the Customs officer checks all the commercial paperwork presented, and uses the bar-coded cargo control number on the PARS stickers to get access to the recommendation and also to determine whether or not the shipment can be released.

Just remember that the entry can’t be set up in advance under the PARS process, unless you do your part. So be sure to get your documents to the customs broker as soon as possible.


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Labor day

This coming Monday, September 4, 2017 we will be celebrating Labor day in the US and Fulfillment Express, Inc., like many businesses will be closed, so that our employees can enjoy a day of rest and relaxation. By making one day in each year a public holiday for the benefit of working men and women the equality and dignity of labor is emphasized.

We should all be thankful and think about the people of Texas who went through a horrifying storm and now the aftermath of the destruction.

I know that the staff at Fulfillment Express, Inc. will enjoy the day off and come back to work on Tuesday with renewed energy.

Happy Labor Day

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FedEx Service Alerts

April 22, 2017

FedEx Express experienced substantial flight and sort disruptions at the Memphis hub last night due to severe thunderstorms. Potential delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of April 22, 2017. FedEx is committed to provide service to the best of our ability. Please continue to check fedex.com for updates.

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Service Alert

Heightened security measures for the 2017 United States Presidential Inauguration will include extensive road closures and restricted access to many locations in the Washington, D.C. area including some bridges and tunnels leading into and out of the area. All Carriers will be operating during these events, however because of enhanced local security measures and mandates set forth by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for this National Special Security Event (NSSE), customers may experience service delays and disruptions in and around the security zones

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FedEx Service Alerts

January 6, 2017

FedEx Express experienced substantial disruptions at the Memphis hub last night due to winter weather. Potential delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of January 6, 2017. FedEx is committed to provide service to the best of our ability. Please continue to check fedex.com for updates.

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Happy New Year

2016 was a growing year for Fulfillment Express, Inc. and we are grateful to our clients for the increase in business and for the new clients that added to our business. It was one of the busiest holiday season for us in years. Thanks you!

Happy New Year

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Canada Post agrees to extend mediation by 24 hours


OTTAWA, Aug. 28, 2016. Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have been negotiating through the weekend with the help of a special mediator. At the mediator’s request Canada Post has agreed to extend mediation for another 24 hours. The current collective agreements will therefore continue to apply for the next 24 hours.

Canada Post is open for business while negotiations continue. Mail and parcels are being processed and delivered across the country as normal.

Should Canada Post go on strike, your packages that are already en route will be collected and remain in the carriers secure warehouses until the strike ends.

After the strike is over, Canada Post will have a backlog of packages to process and deliver. Delivery will lag.

If Canada Post goes on strike there will still be Courier service available from DHL, FedEx and UPS, however those services are typically much more expensive.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas BBQChef Josh Farrell (VP of Operations) and Sous Chef Sheri Meninga (Client Service staff) preparing the BBQ for the rest of the company. Great food, great time.

One way we have to say “thank you” to all our employees for doing a great job all year. Merry Christmas to all!

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100% Pick / Pack Guaranty

Dieter H. AmmannWe pride ourselves on our order packing accuracy and we continually strive to attain 100% accuracy. We do this by having one person pick the order and another person packing the order, with two sets of eyes on every order we are automatically more accurate. However, our secret lies in the fact that everything in our warehouse is barcoded including our shipping documents. No one has to type anything in the warehouse. Each packer logs into their packing workstation which tracks the activity and ultimately the packer’s accuracy, so in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we immediately know “who done it” and we do some retraining.

The shipping document is scanned, that brings up the order on the packer’s workstation screen. Then each item is scanned and placed into the shipper (shipping box, envelope, padded envelope, flat rate envelope or box). Once the order is complete the packer tells the workstation which shipper he used that best suited the order, based on our predictive formula of the type of merchandise, the destination and weight. All items and flyers or inserts are packed, any addition packaging items used are then added with a single touch and the package is placed on the scale attached to the workstation. The weight from the scale is compared to the weight calculated by our software, based on the weight of each item and the packaging used. If the weight is not in tolerance of what is acceptable, the package is rejected and put aside for a supervisor to examine and repack if necessary. If there is no issue with the weight, the shipping label automatically prints and and is applied to the package and the package placed in the proper shipping bin for the carrier.

Our order accuracy is incredible accurate and in the unlikely event that we do something wrong, we will retrieve any order from the customer and send out a new order all at our expense.

Now, that’s SERVICE you don’t get anywhere else!

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